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Un coche con uso empresarial y personal, personalizado, exclusivo con un imán corporativo. Un dispositivo de ''quita y pon'' con el que durante las horas de trabajo, puedes identificar tu coche, y al término del mismo, tu vehículo seguirá siendo un medio de transporte particular.
 LIGHTING ROLL 200 x 50 CM              € 385
 300 X 50 CM LIGHT SIGN € 415
 LIGHTING ROLLER 400 X 50 CM € 415
 LIGHTING ROLL 250 X 70 CM € 514
 LIGHTING ROLLER 350 X 70 CM € 612



This type of products is fully designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and entrepreneurs that are managed under the parameters of practical, utilitarian and productive. For those who want to solve problems at the moment and find solutions for everything instantly; and for whom the useful is synonymous with productivity and profit in all their investment. Magnets for cars are a means of saving for their usefulness. Being able to advertise your business event or product and take it in your car for everyone to see, and that you have the option to remove it whenever you want, is more than an advantage, it is simply the advantage.

In Graficarte , aware of the different needs of our customers, we offer this service so that you can also double-use your company vehicles, maybe for one occasion you need your fleet of vans or cars to carry certain information on their doors and at the end of some time you want to remove it, because for this you have these stickers. You may find yourself in the situation of labeling other business cars, but only for a strut campaign, for them, these   stickers are ideal to install and take them off at discretion.

In the times that our clients want, they want to get the most out of all their work instruments, for them, many of our clients use as cars, the cars that at the same time serve for their personal displacements.


If you are one of them, the solution to ” label ” your means of transport and to be able to give it this double utility is to make a car magnet. In Graficarte and ABC IMPRENTA  you can choose a magnet adapted to your car and personalized. Ideal for vehicles with metal or alloy body, you can place them as you want on doors, hood or trunk and remove it when you decide.

 For example, if your means of transport works with you from Monday to Friday, and on weekends it is your family car, it is time to take a look at our product catalog and choose the one that best suits you.

We assure you that yours with your name, that of your company, maybe a slogan, logo, services and address, will be the way to attract success with the force of a magnet. The orders and devices of ABC IMPRENTA are guaranteed by our more than ten years of experience in the printing market, for this reason you can count on an 8 cm business magnet. thick, which will last a maximum of 36 months according to the weather conditions to which it is subjected. Rectangular, corporate, they do not mistreat the paint, they do not fall and you can also obtain them in their version of advertising or decoration for refrigerators in the measures and shapes that you want.

If you want more information about the rest of the devices in our catalog, write an email to  as soon as possible we will send you the information you require. Call us at 963 356 036 or visit us at Pepita Samper 15 Street in Valencia and in addition to our personalized online service. We are here. Therefore, we are able to deliver your order to any address in Valencia Capital, Valencian Community and the rest of the peninsula.

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Types of Car Magnets

  • Square shaped
  • Rectangular shaped
  • Circular shaped

Hecho sobre las medidas por ti sugeridas.

Imán de 8 milímetros de grosor


A todo color

Doble Utilización de tu coche como vehículo personal y empresarial

Puedes ponerlo y adherirlo cuantas veces lo necesites

No daña la pintura ni la estructura de tu coche.

Puedes quitarlo de un vehículo y colocarlo en otro

Diseño Personalizado opcional

Vida útil de 36 meses

48 horas después de aprobar tu diseño. Contarás con el imán para tu coche en la puerta de tu domicilio en cualquier dirección de la ciudad de Valencia Capital; Comunidad Valenciana y el resto de la Península. Respetamos los plazos. Cumplimos lo que prometemos.

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